fbpost3Bam! One hit, then another and before you know it you’re knocked flat!  Life has away of throwing punches at you in succession and the blows can feel too much to withstand.  As you lie there beaten up you wonder, “Will I be able to rise again”?   All you can do is remain still until you regain your bearings, knowing that you must hang on until the pounding subsides.

As I listened to the Prime Minister of Canada share his story of becoming a boxing champ, it resonated with me in what we experience in life.  We are up against a real enemy.  The Bible tells us that Satan goes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8 ).   We are in a spiritual battle that we cannot see; yet one we can feel as one blow after the next rears its head against us.

The Prime Minister said this, “Most people think that being the best boxer means that you are the one who can give the hardest hits.  But that’s not true.  You must be the one who can keep taking the biggest hits but keep getting up every time”.

What a great analogy for life!  No matter how many blows the enemy tries to throw at you, whether in your health, relationships, emotions, finances or your spiritual walk, you may feel beaten up and even have to have a “time out” of sorts to regain your strength; but the key to winning is being able to take what comes at you and then bouncing back.  Get up off the floor [or in my case rise up from months in bed due to a pain flare] and keep going.  Give life you’re very best.  And even in the times where you feel flattened, give it time and rise up once more.