When the storms of life roll in and threaten to overtake us it can feel like you’re sinking under.  With the recent upheaval and destruction from hurricane Harvey, followed by Irma and more natural disasters, the blows have turned many lives upside down. If you are enduring a turbulent time in your life and wonder how you will survive it, I want to encourage you to look to your faith and hold on tightly.

We all have life events that can devastate us both physically and emotionally that threaten to destroy us. I experienced this when my life came to an abrupt stop due to a spinal injury at the age of 28.  One day I  was running around living the life of my dreams as a hands-on stay at home mom and the next I was laid flat in a bed in debilitating pain and given a bleak diagnoses, with no chance of recovery offered.

It felt like I lost everything as my physical abilities were stripped from me.  Life as I knew it ended.  It is then that I clung on desperately to my faith and  was given the gift of these beautiful words that effortlessly flowed.  As I penned them there was an unexplainable peace that followed.  So even though the storms may be raging around you friend, may these words give you a sense of comfort and solace until the sun comes out again.  And though it may take time, I promise you…you will get through this and feel the joy of warm rays once again!

Audio Version of Hope and Strength for When the Storms of Life Turn Your World Upside Down!


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May God bless you with peace and comfort! LauraBeth Ryan (c) Sept. 11th 2017