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A quick tip for more Happiness & Joy

Greetings from LauraBeth your success and self growth spiritual coach! Can you believe it’s already March? How is your year going so far? Are you making progress in the direction you set your mind to? I just turned 50 and had to really adjust my thinking about it. One thing that my husband said really resonated with me. He said, “LauraBeth, age is just a number, so if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter”. We can choose how we decide to process situations and look for the positive! So to turn the reality that I hit a new milestone in years into something good, I decided to celebrate all the great things I have achieved until now, and determined to look forward to how much I still have ahead of me!

Several people asked me in the last few weeks how it is I keep myself looking so good and staying so cheerful with all of the challenges I face with my spinal condition. The answer to that is I make the choice to wake up with a grateful heart. In the video below I share with you a secret that will help you find more happiness and joy in your life even if you don’t feel it. We can all use more of that, right?

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How to have less stress and more peace this Christmas!

Raise your hand if you find adding more tasks to your already busy schedule during the holiday season causes a sense of unrest? It is supposed to be a time when we take time out to celebrate and rejoice in the birth of Christ but that can easily get lost with all of the business. If you could see me you would see that my hand would be the first to go up!

But what if we slowed down enough to plan the things that mattered the most and did not allow ourselves to get over taxed? Would you like to have more peace, more joy, and feel more love this time of year? Well good news, it is really possible! When you ask yourself this question, reflect a minute on what comes up for you. What is it that you most want to see happen for the Christmas season?

Once you know your answer to what matter’s the most to you, then write down the top three things you need to focus on to allow that to happen. Perhaps you want to get a special gift for some one. Or host a family dinner. Maybe you want to make or keep a sentimental family tradition. Making memories that are meaningful and letting the hustle and bustle of the many obligations is sure to create a calmer more enjoyable Christmas. The financial pressure can be magnified this time of year. But remember that the best gifts we can give are our time and love. And when you focus more on that, you will find a gift for yourself that we all desire and that is peace!

Wishing you all a blessed and Merry Christmas!

LauraBeth Ryan December 2016

Rising up from the Hard Knocks of Life!

fbpost3Bam! One hit, then another and before you know it you’re knocked flat!  Life has away of throwing punches at you in succession and the blows can feel too much to withstand.  As you lie there beaten up you wonder, “Will I be able to rise again”?   All you can do is remain still until you regain your bearings, knowing that you must hang on until the pounding subsides.

As I listened to the Prime Minister of Canada share his story of becoming a boxing champ, it resonated with me in what we experience in life.  We are up against a real enemy.  The Bible tells us that Satan goes about like a lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8 ).   We are in a spiritual battle that we cannot see; yet one we can feel as one blow after the next rears its head against us.

The Prime Minister said this, “Most people think that being the best boxer means that you are the one who can give the hardest hits.  But that’s not true.  You must be the one who can keep taking the biggest hits but keep getting up every time”.

What a great analogy for life!  No matter how many blows the enemy tries to throw at you, whether in your health, relationships, emotions, finances or your spiritual walk, you may feel beaten up and even have to have a “time out” of sorts to regain your strength; but the key to winning is being able to take what comes at you and then bouncing back.  Get up off the floor [or in my case rise up from months in bed due to a pain flare] and keep going.  Give life you’re very best.  And even in the times where you feel flattened, give it time and rise up once more.

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Writeup in the Austin American Statesman

Writeup in the Austin American Statesman

A car accident. Bending over to pick up a child while she was seven months pregnant. Kissing a child goodbye. These three events lead to LauraBeth Ryan spending 10 years mostly confined to her bed. She had almost given up hope that she would walk again when a move to the Austin area led to […]

Impactful Speaking

Impactful Speaking

Disappointments, hardships and challenges come to us all.  How does one hold on when all seems lost?  LauraBeth’s faith in God was tested greatly and through it, she went from a place of despair to one of great hope!  Through her inspirational speaking, she offers listeners a solid sense of hope, that no matter what they encounter,with determination, […]

Specialty Gift Shop

Specialty Gift Shop

At our Specialty Gift Shop, all of our Cheerful Hearts, Christian, Specialty gifts, Premium Greeting Card collection, & Keepsakes are designed to uplift, inspire, encourage, and bring joy to the heart! Whether to encourage yourself or a friend who is going through a trial, or to find  inspirational décor for your home, or looking for […]

Live Your Best Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life NOW!  Do you find you’re not living out the life you would like to be? Are you lacking balance, having trouble solving issues with loved ones? Struggle with managing time, or money?   Dissatisfied with your spiritual journey?   Are you feeling stressed out, maxed out, and lacking joy?   Let […]



Through LauraBeth’s blog, Learn, Grow and Be Inspired with easy, everyday, applicable articles in  areas of self-growth, increasing your confidence, stress management, communication, life balance & more!  Would you like to be motivated to Live Your Best Life?  Come on in to LauraBeth’s Blog and let us Educate, Empower & Encourage you! Come on in! […]