A Wonderful Life New Years – 2018

Happy 2018!  Have you ever seen the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”?  If you haven’t, you really need to! It’s such a powerful and meaningful movie!  The first time I ever watched it, I was in a very bad place in my life.  I was depressed, had a spinal injury and was just hanging on to hope by a thread.  Feeling like it would just be better if I just weren’t here.   And that is what the theme of what this movie is about!

George Bailey was a man who had a lot of dreams, but life gave him a different outcome from what he had wanted. He was feeling like a failure, when actually he really wasn’t at all.  The angel was sent to earth to show him what an impact his life made because he couldn’t see it for himself.   Often times, we don’t see it in the midst of our trials.  The angel said “I need to send you down to earth to help this man, George Bailey.  ” He says, “Oh, is he sick?”, then the angel says “No, it is worse than sick!  He is discouraged!”   We cannot put aside discouragement and what that can do to a person.  He was feeling like he wanted to give up the most precious gift a human could ask for, which is life.

So the angel takes him on a discovery of what would have happened if he never existed.  Clarence the angle says,  “OK George, you don’t want to be here, let me show you what life would be like if you weren’t.  George had no idea about the impact that he made by living a simple, respectable life. Towards the end of the movie he realizes “oh my gosh, the ripple effect of the impact of all that he changed along the way.  We never see it when we are in the midst of our trials.   He came to his senses and realized “I want to live, I want to live!”

He realized it was a wonderful life after all.  So I encourage you today, if you feel discouraged in any way, at all, in any obstacles that you’re facing: they’re temporary, and oftentimes we don’t see the whole picture.  Be encouraged.   Life is so much richer and there is so much hope and possibility.   I want you to go into this year, 2018, knowing that everything is possible and that your life can be wonderful!  Keep believing and never give up!


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How To SLOW DOWN & Have Less Stress & More Peace


Live Your Best Life Tip: How to SLOW DOWN & have Less Stress and more Peace & Happiness!

Posted by LauraBeth Ryan on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hi, this is Laura Beth with Cheerful Hearts, coming to you with a quick “ Inspirational Life Tip.” Kevin and I were at Galveston beach for Thanksgiving and we’re taking time to slow down. It is so important, especially with Christmas and all of the holidays!   Everyone is more stressed on top of already crazy lives. So it’s SO important to SLOW DOWN! That is the only way that we’re going to be more aware. That way we can refresh our minds and our spirits! This is our SLOW DOWN poem (It’s one of our Cheerful Hearts specialty gifts). You can get it in a bookmark or in a print and they make great Christmas gifts! So I hope that this encourages you as the busy season gets even busier!


We’ve got to get going

We’re going to be late

Look at the clock

It’s a half past 8

Come on, hurry up

We really must rush

Hey, wait a minute

What’s all the fuss?

We must catch ourselves when we’re going too fast

For if we don’t, our bodies won’t last

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

We must Slow Down, and become more aware

This life we live, it’s not a race

To finish well, we must learn to pace.

One day at a time, learning balance each day

Lord help us slow down

This I pray….  LauraBeth Ryan ©


I hope this inspires you today. Be sure to share it and leave your comments! How can you become more aware and slow down and lessen your stress! We Love to hear from you! Thanks, and have a cheerful day!

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Writeup in the Austin American Statesman

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Impactful Speaking

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Specialty Gift Shop

Specialty Gift Shop

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Live Your Best Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life Coaching

Live Your Best Life NOW!  Do you find you’re not living out the life you would like to be? Are you lacking balance, having trouble solving issues with loved ones? Struggle with managing time, or money?   Dissatisfied with your spiritual journey?   Are you feeling stressed out, maxed out, and lacking joy?   Let […]



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