Hope and Strength for When the Storms of Life Turn Your World Upside Down!

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When the storms of life roll in and threaten to overtake us it can feel like you’re sinking under.  With the recent upheaval and destruction from hurricane Harvey, followed by Irma and more natural disasters, the blows have turned many lives upside down. If you are enduring a turbulent time in your life and wonder how you will survive it, I want to encourage you to look to your faith and hold on tightly.

We all have life events that can devastate us both physically and emotionally that threaten to destroy us. I experienced this when my life came to an abrupt stop due to a spinal injury at the age of 28.  One day I  was running around living the life of my dreams as a hands-on stay at home mom and the next I was laid flat in a bed in debilitating pain and given a bleak diagnoses, with no chance of recovery offered.

It felt like I lost everything as my physical abilities were stripped from me.  Life as I knew it ended.  It is then that I clung on desperately to my faith and  was given the gift of these beautiful words that effortlessly flowed.  As I penned them there was an unexplainable peace that followed.  So even though the storms may be raging around you friend, may these words give you a sense of comfort and solace until the sun comes out again.  And though it may take time, I promise you…you will get through this and feel the joy of warm rays once again!

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If this poem had encouraged you or you know someone who could use some uplifting in their life please share your comments below. We love hearing from you and will respond personally! You can also purchase the inspirational matted, ready to pop in a frame print at our inspirational specialty gift shop store by clicking here now!

May God bless you with peace and comfort! LauraBeth Ryan (c) Sept. 11th 2017


Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching – How to spot the signs you might miss!

Kevin & I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary.  I was in the back yard in the morning when a huge orange butterfly flew by.  I stopped and took notice because butterflies have a special meaning for us.  We fell in love while at a butterfly festival!  Without spiritual life coaching, it is so easy to be rushed and not take notice of the signs that remind of us God’s love for us and the special little things He does when we are rushed and busy.


Later that evening as we went out to celebrate I was concerned about where we could go since I must eat gluten free due to Celiac disease.  I had also come out of a long flare of not being able to digest food so was nervous.  But we found a new place and I knew because of my own spiritual life coaching that this was once again a sign that the Lord was looking out for me when we met our server.  After sharing my needs she assured me that she was the perfect server to have because she has friends with Celiac and she is also a nutritional coach.  I was so reassured and had a wonderful evening with no problems!


I went home and placed those two special things in my “grateful jar” as a reminder because otherwise we can easily forget all of the little things God does for us that can mean a lot!  I encourage you to slow down and look for the signs around you.  Watch my video below about spiritual life coaching and I promise you will see signs everywhere and you will be elated when you start to take notice!


A quick tip for more Happiness & Joy

Greetings from LauraBeth your success and self growth spiritual coach! Can you believe it’s already March? How is your year going so far? Are you making progress in the direction you set your mind to? I just turned 50 and had to really adjust my thinking about it. One thing that my husband said really resonated with me. He said, “LauraBeth, age is just a number, so if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter”. We can choose how we decide to process situations and look for the positive! So to turn the reality that I hit a new milestone in years into something good, I decided to celebrate all the great things I have achieved until now, and determined to look forward to how much I still have ahead of me!

Several people asked me in the last few weeks how it is I keep myself looking so good and staying so cheerful with all of the challenges I face with my spinal condition. The answer to that is I make the choice to wake up with a grateful heart. In the video below I share with you a secret that will help you find more happiness and joy in your life even if you don’t feel it. We can all use more of that, right?

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