An Awesome Autumn day

An Awesome Autumn day

Autumn-DayAn Awesome Autumn Day…

The bustling wind, the crackling leaves

See them blowing from the trees?

Smell the crisp, refreshing air?

Wind is blowing everywhere!

Colors surround us, so vivid and bright

What colors do you see, in this beautiful sight?

I see orange and purple, yellow and red

A big leaf just swooshed by my head

There are leaves on the trees

And leaves on the ground

The leaves just keep




Let’s rake them up, and make a big pile!

We should hurry up, it could take a while

Come on let’s jump, and reach for the sky

Do you think that you can jump that high?

Yippee… this is fun, we giggle and laugh

Falling back into the leaf pile, gently cushioned by the grass

As I look up, into the deep blue sky

I notice the white clouds, as they drift on by

I enjoy this special time

Hoping it will last for quite a while

Then I look towards the wondrous heavens

Showing thanks with a great big smile


This is a poem from my Children’s book titled “ Happiness Is…”.  The amazing thing about this poem is that it, along with the five other poems in the book, was written in the first years of my disability. I was very depressed, yet God so graciously gave me these poems of the innate joy one feels as a child . It offered me a temporary escape outside of my four walls and into the wonderful places of my imagination. (With so much to do, it is still on the back burner for publication).